Divorce Lawyer Kitsap

Divorce & Family Law

Litigation in a family law matter can be one of the most stressful and emotional situations of your life. Like any other life transition, a divorce or legal separation can be a difficult, complicated process.

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DUI Attorney Kitsap

Charged with DUI?

DUI cases are aggressively prosecuted in Washington State. Not only is being charged with a DUI costly and time consuming, but it also mean potentially losing your license and facing jail time.

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Criminal Lawyer in Kitsap

Criminal Defense

Jeff Burleson is a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer in the Kitsap area.  He is a former prosecutor who was lead counsel in many jury trials including murder, drug, and sex assault cases.  He will use that experience in your criminal defense case.

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Kitsap Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts)

At Burleson Law PLLC, we draft estate planning document such as Wills & Trusts.  We only charge a flat fee for all estate planning work so you know the exact cost

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Accident Attorney Kitsap

Vehicle Accident Attorney

At Burleson Law PLLC, we aggressively fight for you. Our office is dedicated to representing injured people and holding negligent parties and their insurance companies accountable.

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Kitsap Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists and pedestrians are especially vulnerable to accidents. When drivers of motor vehicle negligently fail to yield the right of way and injuries are sustained you deserve compensation and justice.

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Trial Attorney & Advocate for Those Who Deserve Justice

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