Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Attorney

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Pedestrian Accident

Cyclists and pedestrians are especially vulnerable to accidents. Any collision, no matter the speed, between a motor vehicle and cyclists or pedestrian can produce serious life altering injuries.

Pedestrians who enter a crosswalk with a green light or a walk signal have the right of way over oncoming vehicles.   When drivers of motor vehicle negligently fail to yield the right of way and injuries are sustained, please call Burleson Law PLLC to obtain just compensation and justice.

Similarly, cyclists face similar risks as pedestrians. Many cyclists are injured when:

  1. A motorist fails to yield the right of way;
  2. A motorist collides with a cyclists while passing;
  3. The motorist opens his/her driver’s door when parked;
  4. The cyclist travels over a road surface hazard.

If you have been in a pedestrian or bicycle accident

Please contact attorney Jeff Burleson and Burleson Law PLLC for a free consolation.